Sean Sullivan

Marketing Evangelist | Digital Strategist | Entrepreneur | Startup Enthusiast

An aspiring entrepreneur who loves the challenge and grind that comes with starting a business. Always seeking innovative and efficient ways to do things.


Who I Am

I’m an aspiring entrepreneur who seeks the road less traveled. Willing to work the extra hours and solve the problems that stand in the way.While founding a technology company or founding a mobile application is a goal of mine, it’s the journey that I really look forward to. Calling myself an entrepreneur or founder means nothing, building a company, taking the journey, making new connections and the experience is what it’s all about. So I strive to be different to push the bounds of innovation while looking forward to the journey of entrepreneurship.


I am a native South Floridan that loves the cold, enjoys outdoor activities, sports, cars, tech, my family, my wife and son, and God!.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy cars and racing them too, technology, startups, innovation, sports (both land and water based), traveling, music, and just living life!

Currently Working On

Right now I am currently working completely digitizing gift cards, credit/debit cards, coupons while including a C2B Engagement Program. This project is taking place outside of work. We live in a digital age, so let’s digitize things!


Florida Southern College (Lakeland, FL)
Business Admin and 
Minor in Economics

Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton, FL)

My Current Pursuit

To pursue innovation by all means necessary. Currently, I am working on get started in the Gift Card and Payment Processing vertical. It is here where I hope to replace and innovate gift cards and digital payments. Along with smart pay I hope to affect the B2C marketing and coupon industry as a secondary result.

The “AH-HA” Moment

Anyone who is an entrepreneur feels like the ah-ha moment is overrated because it never just hits you on the head saying, “look here”. However, we all have had some kind of moment which lead us to starting a company. In say that, the “ah-ha” moment is the best feeling. It is the steps that follow that make the difference. Idea’s are a dime a dozen. The best idea is one that is executed. Want to talk about your idea? Send me a message, would love to jump on a call or meet up.

Remember to Have Fun

If you enjoy your job and have fun while doing it, work won’t feel like work. So always remember to ask yourself, “are you having fun?” Don’t let people tell you that having fun is for children and it does not apply in the business world, because it most certainly does!