Clean Energy, Why is Advancing so Difficult?

Clean energy is something that we all should share some interest in as it is a free resource. My question is, “Why is Advancing so Difficult?” Obviously, the tools to harvest said energy is not free, but the ROI is much greater, both financially and environmentally.

I understand the principles behind solar and most clean energy concepts, however, with the tech that we have today, I would call it mildly sad that we have not created more of an industry around this concept. Don’t get me wrong, we have made some amazing advancements in the clean energy verticals in recent years and I am more than glad to see it. However, the cost to use clean energy from a consumer standpoint is way too high. Hundreds of millions of if not billions of dollars were invested in a broad range of startups over the last couple of years. Now I am not clean energy enthusiast but the concept or idea of using the something like the sun to power everything fascinates me. That said, I think that after all the money being invested in recent startups, if all we have are some trending mobile apps, new drone toys, and programs that let you snap pictures, share idea’s with friends, and send money via the internet and so on, then we have a serious priority problem.

Now, I am not saying that I don’t enjoy the use of these products and functions that stem from the previous years of advancements, because I most certainly do. However, sometime in the near feature solar, wind, kinetic, nearly anything clean or self-created/sustaining will boom in the world. Clean energy has already taken off and we are making great leaps and bounds. However, more could be done and I would only be stating the obvious if I said that it will be the wave of the future. However, this should be something that we want to invest in.

Just take a moment and imagine, you pay a one time fee plus maintenance every now and then for solar panels and/or wind turbines. Your house is now powered by a resource that is always there whether you pay the bills or not. You would say goodbye to monthly power bills and congratulations to yourself as your house has become self-sustaining.

The boundaries and effects of this are endless. Elon Musk founder of Tesla and SpaceX is predicting that they will have cars that will be able to accomplish 1000 miles per charge in the next 5 years or so. Next thing, we are saying goodbye to gasoline and the need major fuel suppliers, as we will only need roughly 10% of what we demanded before. Economically and environmentally the altercations of our acts and diligence towards clean energy now is crucial. We would be naive to think otherwise.

So I raise my key point, creating the next clean energy machine, company or theory is not for everyone and that’s fine, we all have our calling. However, for those that feel lead, what are you doing about it?