Getting in the Game! Are You Ahead of It or Too Late?

As we all have seen over the last few years companies like Apple, Google, Pandora, Spotify to name a few and now the most recent YouTube (part of Google) are offering ad-free services, but with a paid subscription. So times like this really make me consider the next step with innovation as I am always thinking about that next step and the next step after that. I can’t help but think, what comes next? Think about it, the top YouTube channels are making millions of dollars a year because of ads.

Now that all the major players have entered the ad-free services game, what comes next? The time is now! You would be naïve to think that YouTube just entered this market with no plan for the future or what their next step will be. This is easily identified when creating a business strategy and mapping out your stages of success.
The real question is what comes next and what comes after the “next big” thing. That is where true innovation is.

Of course, the next thing will be created and will trend just like we saw with the free radio using ads to generate revenue and then ad-free services, but let me be the first if not one of many to tell you, now is the time to start thinking about the future and what comes next. As many of you will read and hear many authors and famous entrepreneurs say that you have to think two steps ahead. They are not wrong! So thinking ahead, what comes next and what comes after that?

Is there a way to generate revenue by providing a free service besides using ads? Will we always have to displays ads? Is affiliate marketing going to stay alive?
What is the next step?

Looking at the past trends with business and technology something like this should be slightly predictable. By no means am I saying the answer is right there and completely obvious, however, it is there. Stop and think about it.
More and more mobile apps, websites, and online businesses are providing free services in exchange for your data. Okay, so data is a key player, but has been now for a few years. What else is trending… mobile, health, entrepreneurship, wearable devices, drones, startup communities, non-profits and so on.

Ladies and gentleman now is the time to innovate! With the amazing technology that we have at our disposal and the endless resources that people are willing to invest in the next big thing leaves the playing field wide open.

Obviously, I am not stating what I think is the next big thing, so sorry if you were expecting that. However, I am saying that just like the mobile app industry booming was predicted, the next big thing is also predictable and is open to many opinions. So innovate, start planning, creating, and strategizing now and maybe you will create and trend the next big thing!