Getting Rich Quick and Wanting to be a Billionaire

Now days, being a millionaire isn’t the ideal goal, being a billionaire is. However, money is still money. The amount of get rich quick schemes are exhausting to see. Honestly, if you have tried a get rich quick program, i am not saying you’re dumb or wrong, you were hopefully just curious to see what it had to offer and possibly wanted to understand the concept it uses. However, please tell me that you did not pay anything to be a part of it. If you really think that you could pay a small fee for a so called “secret” but yet your getting it, don’t be naive. If you break it down logically before trying it, if it were that easy everyone would be doing it, which would cause the program or “secret” method to inflate and then bust causing it to not work any more. Basic concept of inflation.

Extra money is great, but being a millionaire is another things. Most of all being a “Billionaire” is entirely different then both. So how does one get there. For those that think, they will create a mobile app, tell the world on social media with a few posts here and here and expect the world to care, you are WRONG. Getting some where in life takes hard work, not just an idea and a few shares of some links. Unless you Bill Gates or someone of public stature, your posts will not be shared like you think they will in your big moment. As a person who believes in working hard and knows that getting money or being recognized in life is not just something that happens over night. I despise hearing people say, “I have an idea” and then after the present the idea to me, they begin to tell me “their exit strategy”. Saying, i will create a mobile app and then sell it for billions is not an exit strategy, in a sense. Sure that is what people do, but if you are not in the market, then you are just saying that as an inexperienced person who is copying what popular apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and others that have sold or been made offers have done.

Hearing an idea and then following it you hear an exit strategy just irritates me. You are in the wrong business or field. You should be in business to grow your company and make something of it. Not plan your exit before you are in the game. That is a sure sign that a person is not driven enough to make it in the industry. Perfect example of the right stuff, Snapchat! They are in it for the right reasons. They turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook after being on the market a little more than a year because they believed in the product and they wanted to watch it grow. They also knew the potential of it.

Now don’t the wrong idea, if you have been growing your product or company for quite some time or do not feel the passion for your company anymore, or truly believe that it is time to sell, that is another story. Example, WhatsApp, was sold to Facebook for $19 billion after being on the market since 2009 (just over 5 years). That is fine and they made the right choice, because no one at that time or probably now would have given them that much money. Also, the purpose of their app was simple and achieved half way through its lifetime on the market.

So for all you “I wanna get rich quick” people, rethink why you are doing and do your research, because you are going spend a lot of money to get into the market, only to be kicked or pushed out months later. Not harsh, just the truth.