Getting Started in a Flooded Market

Getting started in a flooded market
It seems that everyone is trying to start something and by something, I mean a business. The terms “entrepreneur” and “startup”, even “billionaire” seems to be trending. Everyone wants a piece of the action, but are their idea’s really going to be worth a billion dollars??? Who knows? Some say that “if you don’t ever try, then you will never know” and I agree with that statement.
However, the startup market is being flooded by those who are merely copying an existing company and added a slight change on a feature that is not enough to draw a market. It is also being flooded with those who want to get rich quick and as a startup enthusiast, nothing aggravates me more than to hear that. It’s okay to use money as your driving factor, but don’t expect to enter the mobile app industry for example and make a billion dollars in a year and then exit the market. That’s just stupid.
Some might say, well that’s what Snapchat did, however, they created a mobile app that took away a feature based off an idea that was not copying anything. It was clean and original. They even turned down Facebook for a $3 billion buyout. However, when an app like Instagram comes out, in the next 6 months expect to see 5 copycats trying to make it big.
Understand that this is good for competition and is what drives the business world in this country, however, copying someone’s idea and merely adding a different profile feature (for example) is not a true entrepreneur. If you copy someone’s idea or concept and revamp the “entire” process for the better that would be understandable.
However, at the end of the day, not everyone was born to be an entrepreneur. I might not be exactly one to speak as I have never owned my own company, however, at the current time I am working on a mobile app company and I have worked for two startups, so I might consider myself halfway there. Being an entrepreneur let alone the CEO of the company is no joke. Every day you must eat and sleep your idea or company. You even dream about how to make it better and where it can go. You work long hours and push your mental and physical limits (lack of sleep). However, at the end of the day when you can say that you own a company and you have pride and sweat in your company, that feeling alone is more rewarding than anything else.
Being an entrepreneur is a tough job, but rewarding. Before going into the startup world, one needs to know whether they are built for it or not. People need to analyze themselves before taking the leap, this will help keep the startup market above water and prevent it from drowning in useless companies. If you feel that you are built for the market, then take the leap.