Is Fear Preventing You from Achieving Your Dream?

The definition of “Fear” according to Websters Dictionary is; “an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger”.

We are going to focus on two key words, Awareness and Fear.
Fear is a powerful emotion that can be used as a tactic or even felt due to a circumstance or situation. However, if you fear something that you haven’t even started yet then why do you fear it?

Stop, take the time, and break this down. Why are you afraid and what exactly do you fear?
It’s really a simple question, but most will create a list of reasons, but I will tell you the ultimate one, FAILURE. No one likes to fail and rightfully so. Time and time again, you will hear successful entrepreneurs such as Daymond John, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec and many more say, “that it is not about how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up”. (Calm down all you Rocky fans)

Try telling me this is not true. If you just experience one new thing, enhance a skillset or even learn what not to do the next time, you didn’t fail, you acquired a life experience. Did it come at a cost? Absolutely!

Failure is not fun and it will test you mentally, emotionally and even physically at times. However, the ability to get back up and do it again but with more energy and initiative really separates the crowd.

Awareness, that’s a good thing right? Correct. However, it can just as easily be twisted into something negative. For example, you have a dream of building your own company, but don’t necessarily have the time or money to do it.

Should that stop you? No!

Will it be hard? HELL YES!

Fear will try to creep in, but only if you let it. The next step is what will define your career, do you step forward or stay back. Some think you have to dive in head first, quit your job, sell all your assets and pour it into the company, but let me tell you this, THEY ARE WRONG.

Does it work for some? Sure.

Will it work for the other 99% of people? Nope. If you take one small step in the right direction then you have made the right decision. A small step or a big one is still a step, don’t discount that.

No matter if you took a small step or a large one, you must be committed!
You are well AWARE that your dream will not be easy to accomplish. The road will look long, dark, lonely, and probably scary at times but this is what an entrepreneur goes through. Being aware of the road you are about to travel can most certainly deter you and once again, fear will try to creep in.

So being aware might be perceived as a positive and most certainly should be, like being aware of your competitors or a shift in the markets. However, you can see how awareness can also lead to a negative if you let it. Most, if not all people have felt fear at some point. Whether it was before or during their journey, but it’s what they did next that defines them. Some even harness their fear and let is drive their passion because failure or going back to an old way was never an option.

I, myself have unfortunately let fear creep in and deter me from taking the right steps. Whether it was timing, money, idea validation, or letting the wrong people in on the idea too early. However, in every situation, I have learned how I can change moving forward and I learned from the experience.

So keep pursuing your dream no matter what the road may look like. As long as you take a step forward, no matter how big, your hard work will pay off. Don’t let fear prevent you from achieving your dreams.

Have you ever let fear in? Did you learn from it?