Mobile App

To begin, today is September 11th, so take a brief moment for all those we lost in NY and those oversea’s who are fighting for our freedom. God Bless Them All!

Now, we all have our own vision or goal. Mine, like so many others is to create a mobile application for smartphones and a website side too. However, my reasons for getting into the mobile app industry are different, to a degree. Yes, I would love to create a mobile app and a few short years later, I could get a multi-billion dollar valuation and have a company like Facebook offer the company an absurd amount of money for it. Yes, that would be great and it is a valid goal, but while I’m a visionary, I am also a partial realist (I know the two conflict, thank you). So yes, it is about the money. However, it is not “ALL” about the money for me. I want the experience, the journey, the connections and those teachable moments that come along with the process. I know that it is not all fun and games and I expect that.

For me, it’s about learning and expanding my knowledge boundaries, getting involved in something that is slowly taking over how people operate every single day. I want to make an impact with my app. I applaud the other mobile apps like Instagram, Snapchat and even the less known apps for creating something that people love. Maybe it was timing or maybe it was skill, they have succeeded. Regardless, I want to do something that has a change, when people think of the app they see that it’s not another social trend but something that is actually different or helpful.

In saying all of this, I have recently stepped into the mobile app industry with my friend. We are currently building the concepts out and the prototype model on a website. The mobile app has an existing concept but with a twist that is large enough to be completely different and carries a much different purpose and intention. The idea did not come from a pre-existing app I have or have seen, the idea was created, modified, and modified through multiple people until it arrived to the point that it is now at.

What does the app do?

The mobile app will be a new face and method for marketing and getting your or “a” brand into the market. Marketing companies obviously know what they are doing. They earn billions of dollars each year, but what if I told you there was a way for both the company and the consumer to win? Would you be interested?

It is just like the “ah ha” moment when you are sitting there and then it hits you. My goal and vision is to change the marketing industry for the better, where companies and consumers can both benefit from each other.