New LinkedIn UI/UX

New LinkedIn UI…Love it or hate it!

Now that some of the dust has settled from the bombs everyone dropped on LinkedIn due to their new UI, let’s take a step back. Is it really that bad? Think about it, are you really not able to accomplish what you were able to before? Or maybe it is that you don’t like change, or even the fact that you are not driving the direction of the platform as a user.

At the end of the day, the UI has changed and you will have to adapt to it. Of course, we all know that LinkedIn is not going to change their UI for a handful of users. Nor would their departure of the platform alter anything and would reduce LinkedIn profits on such a marginal scale that they wouldn’t notice. However, as we know, businesses that operate on the Internet are user-based and without users, they have no purpose. That said, under no circumstance do I believe that LinkedIn will fade out because of their new UI or even some of the features.

Of course, we must take into consideration that LinkedIn was recently acquired, so as the initial founders had ultimate control of the direction of the company, that has slightly shifted. I recently read a LinkedIn Pulse post of a user who tears into LinkedIn and even went as far as to providing his readers an update after he received a general response from LinkedIn days after his post. Just because one user complains and rips into the company, said a user cannot expect the CEO to personally respond with an apology and some form of justification.

Users have to understand that as a whole and an individual, their opinion matters. However, there is a fine line between as a “whole” and an “individual”. That said, I feel that most are well aware of this but instead of seeing the bigger picture they voice their opinion on a business networking platform to bring attention to the matter, however, if they truly saw the bigger picture they would know that as LinkedIn values their opinion, their posts complaining about the platform is not going to fix anything. Instead, they should be offering new and innovative ways to make the platform better so that the LinkedIn team can improve it for the end user.