Quality Products

Miss the good old days where consumers could expect quality products?

Companies should work hard and efficiently to produce a good long lasting product. I bring this up because in recent years we have seen names such as Apple and Samsung produce products that the market LOVES! The iPhone the Galaxy and so on. However, they haven’t been lasting as long as they should

What good is a product if it only lasts a year or two?

Ever hear of “battery throttling”?

Some call this job security, enhance customer retention or planned recurring revenue, but what a dirty way to get returning customers.

Of course, customers continue to come back for more and some complain but it doesn’t make a difference if you don’t get caught. When you do, what happens, just blame a department or simply pay a massive fine. Just a few billions, let me brush the dollar bill dust off my shoulder and move on like some of the larger companies do today.

With that attitude, are you really improving…come on!
At the end of the day, companies control the price that they sell a product for, obviously, we are not asking them to sell it for less than they make it, that would be unreasonable. However, when the margins are so favorable for the companies that it’s almost borderline price gauging, it’s just pathetic.

Companies should put in the time (years, even if it takes longer and cost more money ) to produce quality long lasting products. Should they raise the price of their products because of this, they should do the math and let us know. Obviously, they want to be as profitable as possible but maybe a 20% profit rather than 35% will do because you made a good product.

Do not get me wrong, I am not naive, consumers beat their products up and expect more out of them. A company can’t control that, nor can I as a consumer expect companies to produce longer lasting produces without monetary repercussions. Some will argue that this will affect long-term revenue and the frequency of returning consumers. All true and valid points, however, these companies are creative, they can find another way to bring in more revenue.

All we are asking is that you stop price gauging the market and produce a product that will last.
Back in the day, Nokia produced the 3310, which was reasonably priced and was built like a tank. Everyone had one and it rarely broke. Hell, the one I had still turns on today and can still run the game, Snake.

Produce quality products and consumers will come.!