So Apple Is Waiting to Unveil 5G iPhone

This should come as no surprise to anyone that has followed Apple over the years or even owned some of their devices. For example, when Apple made the switch to Lightning charging cables or even doing away with the headphone jack in all their phones, do you really think any of that was by mistake? How about randomly selected?


Apple has plans several releases ahead. Their motto might as well be “consumer strategy”.
Apple knows that they have loyal followers and people are going to buy their products regardless of what small changes they make. Another prime, example, take any iPhone model, the 3,4,5,6,7,8, X and then look at the “S” of that particular model. Is there a noticeable difference to the average consumer? Nope!

So when Apple says it will wait to release a 5G this should come as no surprise and is seen strictly as a marketing and product strategy play. They are taking a step back and letting their competitors take the jump into the new market. This way they can have a clean entrance into the new space with a strategy in place. Think of Apple’s competitors being the “beta” if you will in software, they will work out the kinks and report everything, while Apple sits back patiently.

I have read some interesting points from various people that express the following:
Do some operators slow down their rollouts? How about the vendors? Some vendors in the infrastructure industry would love to see faster adoption but Apple control the market share, so what do they do? Do they offer adoption perks to those that convert?

On the other hand, is Apple smart to hold back until 2020 when a competitor such as Samsung plans to stay ahead of the tech curve and has set its target for the new 5G release next year (2019). AT&T has already upgraded some of their markets with 5G and do not show signs of slowing down. Will waiting lowers costs down the road and plays into Appleā€™s favor? Time will tell.

While an interesting move I think that it is the right one. Am I surprised that Apple isn’t jumping in line to be the first with 5G, no, not in the slightest. Their past business moves, product features and overall release of enhances prove this time and time again.

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