Starting Up

As a startup enthusiast that is just getting started I feel like I have a good grasp on how hard it can be to actually get ones foot into the door. I currently work for a startup that focuses on custom CRM and SalesForce specialties, so I understand the difference between my job title and what my job will actually entail, multiple roles and many faces.

I also understand how hard it is to be fresh out of school (Masters program) with student loans sky high and few connections to the startup community.

So I ask the question, “How does one get their foot in the door?”

You can read all the articles and blogs you want or that you can find, even mine and the majority of them will say the same thing. You need to network! However, as much as it is to network, you need to reach out to the people that you already know, they might surprise you. With the way the startup community has been evolving nearly everyone has an idea, so why not ask what it is, maybe you might like it.

Lastly, you need to really dig deep and ask yourself, what motivates you to be an entrepreneur? Why are you doing it? Do you think you have what it takes?

Next, focusing on networking! Great, so basically attend all the startup meetings, conventions and everything else that you can possibly find. Probably 9/10 people will not be of any help to you, but making connections is important. Get your name out there. However, what happens if you aren’t good in the public settings, first impressions or meeting new people?

GET OVER IT!!! I am 25 years old and I have a stutter and public settings are not my strong suit, BUT I DO IT! Having a stutter is embarrassing and most people do not react positively to it. My point, MOTIVATION!! What are you willing to do in order to succeed??? Embarrass yourself? Step out of your comfort zone? What?

Being an entrepreneur isn’t all fun and games like you sometimes read when going through a new startup’s story on Mashable or TechCrunch. Or even seeing a mobile app with a billion dollar valuation and they’re sitting pretty.

So what does it take? Motivation, pure drive for success and also passion for what you’re doing. Those who are solely money driven and are looking to make a quick million or billion have got it wrong! They don’t have the right desire or passion! They might be good business people, but you need to enjoy your company and love what you do!

So how does one get their foot in the door?

First, make sure you are driven enough. Second, get rid of any fears that you have. What’s the worst someone could say to you? No. Great, then move on. Third, starting networking in person, even with those who might not be of any help but are in your market, get your name and your purpose out there. Fourth, the Internet is free, so use it to your disposable and network like hell (social media, professional sites, startup sites, and forums). Fifth and lastly, think outside the box. Think about what is stopping you and the conventional way to do it. Throw that out because clearly it’s not working and create another way! Innovate!

My name is Sean Sullivan and I am currently working on a mobile application with a friend that will change the marketing industry! I am the Founder and business end of the app and my friend is an android developer. We will be looking for a iOS developer and another entrepreneur minded person Our project is bootstrapped and we are motivated. 

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss or are curious!