(Trouble Ahead) What can Twitter Do?

Everywhere you look some unicorn or trending tech company is in trouble. This should come as no surprise as many tech companies have been overvalued. There have also been many theories as to why they were overvalued. So am taking to the LinkedIn user base.

I have a Question For You and Yes I am looking for answers.
1. What do YOU think that TWITTER should do to increase its user growth, ROI and overall problem?

Twitter overall has become a social media giant that allows users to tweet about their daily life, business growth, comment on public events, host discussions and so much more. However, there are other apps that allow you to connect with others, post updates and so on. However, have you ever stop to think that a great deal of those people you connect with don’t hold much value on your network? Some people have genuine followers and others have followers cause they paid for them, follow and unfollow and so on. It’s a numbers game.

Of course, Twitter has a great deal of revenue through many streams, but yet they are still in trouble and their value is drastically dropping quarter by quarter. However, instead of having the CEO and his team figure out what is best for the people, why not let the people themselves tell twitter what they want out of such a platform. It has become such a highly valued entity in the social media world that begs the questions, do its users care enough to help bring it back to full life?

(2) Or would you rather create something better to replace it? If one looks at the laws of innovation it would charge them to either improve it or create something that takes its place.


So again, I ask, two primary questions:

1. “What do YOU think that TWITTER can do to increase their user growth, their ROI and overall problem?”

2. If you feel that Twitter is a sinking ship, “What would you create to take its place?”