Why People Want To Be An Entrepreneur?

It is simple:

  • We believe that we have and can do something better
  • We would rather work twice as long and as hard in order to see the change and reward for something that created/own
  • We understand the concept of working for a boss or company, but we reject on a personal level and will do anything to create something for ourselves
  • We are too impatient to wait on others who are distracted
  • We want to invest in experiences and ourselves
  • Lastly, we enjoy what we do!

It is really just that simple, I could write a whole page on why people want to be an entrepreneur and most people will have different opinions. However, at the end of the day, we want to create or own something that we can run and create change with. When you have a drive inside of you that keeps you awake at night while you’re trying to sleep is only the beginning. No, that does not mean that you are meant to be an entrepreneur cause you don’t sleep. However, when you are constantly thinking about your idea or business, it’s a start. Someone who wants to genuinely be in business will act on their concept, not sit around and dream about it day and night. Dreaming about it is okay, it helps brainstorm, but if you don’t act on it then all you are is a daydreamer.

Wanting something so bad that you reach out of your comfort zone and are willing to put your neck on the line in order to just get a chance that has no guarantees in sight. Sometimes all anyone needs are just a little light or hope at the end of the tunnel and they can run off of that for years! It is all about keeping your eye on that light and keeping hope for what you have. Using that and taking action will define what type of person you are.